Monday, June 24, 2013

The best GoPro cameras accessories

GoPro red filter is introduced recently for snapping from GoPro cameras. This filter is designed by considering the color correction requirements of blue water adventures. The filter allows users to turn snaps off and on with ease. For high quality results and performance, it is prepared with a very strong optical material. For tropical and blue water snaps, it is offered with a tether and snap-on filter as well. This filter is not expensive and it is especially designed for filming under the water. It provides best performance at depths of 10 feet to 65 feet, because there is no red light found as available at above 10 feet of depth.
On the other hand, GoPro hero 3 accessories are best for those who want to get best snapping and videoing experience during their adventures. These accessories also enable user to get best quality results and performance from their GoPro cameras. These accessories are designed for maximum comfort of users and these are designed in the way that anyone can install and use these accessories easily. Few famous accessories include;

1. Dive housing: 

This accessory is designed for snapping and videoing below the water. It provides best performance depths of till 100 feet, and it can be used as camera protector under the water as well.

2. Wi-Fi control:

This accessory enables users to take pictures from anywhere, even when they are not behind it. It also enables users to connect their GoPro camera with their computers.

3. LCD screen:

It allows users to take perfect shots, even when the camera is switched off.

4. 3D picture:

This accessory is designed for creating 3D pictures or movies.

5. Additional batteries:

Additional batteries are also considers as the best accessories because these enable users to create movies and use their cameras for long durations.

6. Replacement lenses: 

GoPro replacement lenses are offered in the form of filters. Some famous filters and lenses are:

1. Hero 1 and 2 standard housing filters
2. Hero 1 and dive housing filters
3. Hero 3 filters

There are some specific lenses that are designed for specific purposes. In this regard, GoPro dive is more famous among the sea divers and adventurers. It allows them to create best quality snaps and videos till 197 feet of depth. It is not only water proof but it also provides required resolution and sharpness under the deep water.

There are many other lenses that are designed for GoPro cameras which enable user to get best quality videos and snaps under the deep water of sea and oceans. Such lenses are considered as the GoPro Scuba. GoPro cameras are offered in three series like; Hero1, Hero 2, and Hero 3. Each camera series was offered by considering different requirements of professional photographers and dive lovers as well. Though Hero is introduced recently and most of people want to purchase it, but there are many people who are still using Hero1 cameras. So, GoPro Scuba includes many lenses and filters as per each camera model like Snap on Red Filter Hero 2, Snap on Magenta Filter Hero 2, etc.

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