Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Choosing the right Spotting Scope

Get what you pay for

Price is the most essential factor that must be taken into consideration, while you are buying a spotting scope for yourself. Generally spotting scopes ranges from $ 100 to over $ 3000. When you are deciding your budget, keep in mind about the differences in the quality and the features you would get at your desired
price. You would get a quality product at an amazing price tag of $ 500. But quality actually begins to shine from $ 100 and above. But there comes the effect of the law of diminishing returns.

It is very much practical in nature that the more you’ll spend the more better you’ll get. 

What is the magnification range?

Higher magnification power is doesn’t resolve the problem. The image becomes grainer with the increase in the magnification power of the lens. Optical zoom is one of the most vital factor in a spotting scope. A normal spotting scope has a magnification power of 15-75. Less expensive spotting scopes comes with less magnification power. They generally have a magnification power of 40-50. 

Expensive and high end spotting scopes provide high magnification power, with clear image. 

Is it straight or angled?

Spotting scopes are available in two forms:

Angled body and straight body.

The angled body is used while standing. It requires no adjustment for heights. But the angled body spotting scope is quite harder to use for beginners. It is even harder to pack as well as it is quite hard to use for viewing in a car with window mount. 

The straight bodied spotting scope is quite easier to use as well as quite easy to assemble and pack and carry. It is quite cheaper than the angled bodied spotting scope. But a straight body spotting scope requires a adjustment for multirole users with different heights. 

Dimensions and objective

There is large variety of spotting scopes to choose from, as per your requirements. For easy to pack and carry, you may go for small sized spotting scopes to watch birds or view the wildlife. A good quality spotting scope has a lens of 65mm and weighs just 36 ounces.