Friday, November 22, 2013

Tips in finding true property rentals

There are important things you may want to consider if you are looking for properties to rent in Mauritius. While most people will always consider location and nothing else, it is good to note that you cal always get the best rental properties that are budget friendly and you end up getting a sweet deal. These include:

Talk to your landlord or agent: It is expected that a landlord of real estate agent will accompany you when you are going to tour the property; it is their business to sell the features to you since they know it more than you do. They should be able to answer your questions regarding any things that need to be repaired such as leaking pipes, damaged plumbing and electrical etc. so that you have them sorted out before you move in; you must ask all those questions during the tour.

Negotiate for a better lease: There is no doubt that the landlord could lower the rent or lease for anyone who has negotiating or bargaining skills. Even though the rental advert had mentioned a figure, the truth of the matter is that it is not cast in concrete; you can opt to pay for the house and perhaps not the parking space. Sometimes it is the utilities that drive up the rent and, as such, you need to ask for a breakdown such that you don’t pay for what you don’t need.      

Everything should be written down: The lease or rent contract is a legal document and, as such, everything you agree on must be written down because it will establish a binding contract. This is the document that details your obligations as a tenant as well as the landlord’s responsibilities of the landlord; information on your rent, how and when you will be paying as well as who will be in charge of what utilities.

Being such an important document, make sure that you read it again and again before you finally affix your signature on the dotted line.

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