Saturday, March 2, 2013

Methods of Repairing Foundation

Foundation of any structure is very important and needs to be maintained and repaired as soon as any problem is noted. You house stands on the foundation that is laid before the actual construction of the house or for that matter any building. Foundation problems, if not addressed promptly can get very serious. Whenever there is foundation settlement, you may notice cracks in walls, floors, and ceiling or window and door jams.

Many foundation repair Nashville methods are carried out nowadays but the choice majorly depends on the climate, soil, and the geography of that place. Some of the usual repairing methods for foundation are mentioned in the below paragraphs.

Steel push piers is very effective in homes that require lifting of the sunken foundation. These piers also known as push piers lift the foundation by being driven to solid surface like rock or load bearing soils. This method helps in closing the cracks and makes the windows and doors to function easily by supporting and stabilizing your home.

Helical Piers is another important product that is effective in the foundation repairing. These also known as screw piers are useful in case of slab foundations as well as portico or decks. Helical piers are most common types of structural piering procedure for concrete leveling Nashville. They too can be used to lift homes while stabilizing foundations by being driven deep into stable soils.

Basement Tieback Anchor is designed to even out and reinforce bowed basement walls and provides permanent solution in supporting basement cracked, bowed, or leaning walls. By external excavation, basement or crawl space walls can be right away pulled back to original position and level.

Retaining Wall Tiebacks are helical tieback anchors set up to sustain new retaining walls as well as for strengthening bowed walls. Helical tieback anchors size and load are customized as per engineered specifications. These tieback anchors having high load capacities make an exceptional option for dangerous soil preservation applications.

Plate Anchors, one of the most cost-effective method, props up cracked or bowed basement walls. Its uncomplicated and effectual design makes foundation repair Nashville quick and inexpensive without any disturbance to the landscape.

Before                                               After

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