Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Puppies – Training in Obedience

There is hardly any doubt that puppies are lovable pets and since they are considered to be highly social animals, they tend to acclimatize easily into a new environment. The bond that is built up of trust and love between a puppy and the pet owner is profound and it takes years to establish such a trust. One of the basic requirements for creating this type of a relationship is training a puppy during its puppyhood. The maximum response from a puppy can be evoked during the first six months after its birth. A mother dog always gives birth to a litter of puppies and the small puppy develops its socializing skills during the time it is amongst other puppies in the litter. Despite the fact that puppies are social animals, they tend to become wild and unruly animals without proper training.

Puppies are known to have behavioral problems and these problems normally frustrate the pet owner. These behavioral problems are of varied types, such as, littering and dirtying the house, urinating or defecating in the house, jumping up at anyone, barking and whining excessively, damaging useful items by chewing them, digging up holes in the garden. However, this should not be a cause for alarm since appropriate type of training would enable the pet owner to tide over the anxieties. One of the essential aspects of puppy training is training in obedience. Even though it may not eliminate other behavioral problems in the puppy, yet it remains the basis of several solutions to multiple problems. Quite often training in obedience opens up a channel of communication between the pet owner and the puppy which is extremely necessary to tutor a pup to obey the instructions of its master.

Training in obedience is one of the important facets of house training where the puppy is aware that his master’s word is the last word and it should be obeyed. When a pet owner calls a puppy, it should move towards him or when it tells him to sit down, it should sit down without any barking or whining. Obedience training instills in a puppy that he is to do the bidding of his owner. A pet owner needs to instruct his puppy to move out of the house when he requires relieving himself. Jumping up at anybody is one of the most dangerous acts of a puppy and need to be restrained immediately since the visitor coming over to the house is prone to be bitten by the puppy.

It is essential to channelize the puppy’s energy towards an acceptable behavior in a domestic environment. Training in obedience could be a rewarding and a pleasure for both the puppy and the pet owner, since it can fortify the puppy’s relationship with its master and making living together an enjoyable and rewarding experience. A well trained puppy turns out to be a much more confident pet and a lot of freedom can be given to it as against an untrained puppy. It is therefore imperative that the pet owner trains its puppy during its infancy rather than at a later stage when it becomes too late for it to adjust to the new rigors of training.

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